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From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, people in nearly every country on the planet are mobilizing their communities for just solutions to the climate crisis. This website is designed to make it simple to connect with other climate activists where we live, build powerful local movements to transform our communities, and stand in solidarity with one another globally to stop climate change. Let’s build this movement together!

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There's plenty we can all do at the local level to fight climate change, build a movement, and transform our communities from the ground up. Check out the organizing guides and projects ideas on for ways to build your team, educate your community, and advocate for solutions.

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Spread the Stories of the Movement

Telling the stories of the people, events, and actions of the movement is one of the best ways to expand our impact. If you have a story from your work on climate change, share it so others can learn from your experience. Stories will be featured on our blog and on social media.

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