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350 Silicon Valley

San Jose, CA, USA | Created Jan 2013

We've Done the Math! Join the 350 Silicon Valley Group and become part of the urgent mission of to fight Climate Change and transition to 21st century energy sources. We are taking action to demand policies to address climate change as well as working to lower our carbon footprint here locally. Join our group through the option below and we will be in touch with more information! Here are our current project efforts:

Keystone Pipeline: Our goal is to block the Keystone XL pipeline project and prevent the of tar sands production.

Divestment: Our goal is to influence nearby cities, religious organizations, college campuses and retirement funds to divest from fossil fuel companies.

Carbon Tax/End Carbon Subsidies: Our goal is to work to support a national carbon tax or cap and trade policy that will address climate change by putting the cost of CO2 emissions into the price of fossil fuels. We are also working to support an end to the current subsidies paid to the fossil fuel industry.

Outreach and Local Action: Our goal is to educate and raise awareness on Climate Change as well as take local action to lower our carbon footprints from personal actions to community actions.

Join us at our upcoming Forward on Climate Rally in SF, Sunday February 17th, 1-3pm in San Francisco, One Market Plaza, 1 Market Street! RSVP at

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