What is 350 Local?

Building a movement to match the challenge of climate change demands serious action. 350 Local is the place to go when you’re looking to do more than click a petition. It’s where you can connect with others and get more involved in building a movement for climate action in your community. It is designed to connect, facilitate and empower the 350 network online to spur powerful climate action offline in local communities everywhere. Sound like what you’re looking for? Read on!

For more about why we think building a global movement is essential to stopping climate change, click here.

What can you do on 350 Local?

  • Search the map: You can search for other groups or members near you to connect and start organizing to build your local climate movement.
  • Start a group: If there isn’t a group near you, you can read more about how to get a local climate action group going by checking out the details about starting a 350 group.
  • Start events: You can register local events on the site, and use the link to get the word out on social media, track sign-ups, and more.
  • Hone your leadership skills: We’re all leaders in this movement - check out our workshops mini-site for our full curriculum, upcoming workshops, and other resources to help build capacity in skills like media, personal narrative, and campaign strategy.
  • Find organizer resources: Check out our vault of organizer resources, with everything from 350 graphics to educational materials to organizing guides!
  • Get inspired to organize: Learn about existing 350 groups and success stories from around the world to get ideas for building your local movement.
  • Read the 350 Organizing Manifesto: Read some basic principles that we've learned from our friends and allies that we believe to be key in building an inclusive and empowering local movement for change.

Help improve 350 Local

This platform is brand new and we're eager to make it as useful as possible for local organizing efforts to stop climate change. Please let us know what you think by clicking the "Feedback" tab on the right side of the page.