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Our Land, Our Decision!

On March 30th, residents of one of Europe’s smallest and poorest nations will stand up to a broken and corrupt process of building a new lignite based power plant. A project foreseeing the construction of a new 600MW lignite-based power plant in Kosovo is backed by the US Government and the World Bank in the process.

The message of the Community and Civil Society Organizations will be directed to the involved stakeholders asking them to turn their attention from investing in new coal to the community problems arising from coal pollution.

"This is our land, and this should be our decision", is going be the call echoed rightfully to remember those who support more pollution in that area that the Community living there has the final say on it.

Please help in spreading the word around and join them to support if you are in the country.

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Friday March 30, 2012 at 1 p.m.


Obiliq, Kosovo

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